I don't have the PRETTIEST face for you to look, i don't have the SKINNIEST waist for you to hold, but i do promise i have the BIGGEST love for you ♥

baca dan fahami ~

she miss him ..
but she only can see him by viewing his page ..
what must she do now ?
stay or find another ?
but she cho0se to stay for him ,,
even though she know that it is impossible to get his love..
bcoz they are very2 far away ..

sometimes ,, she find that her love is juz like an empty paper,
like a tears drops on her guitar when she remind him..
she alwys dream that he will come n see her ..
but it’s all fake !
through the day without him gonna make her mad ..
once she cry ,,
she’s alone ..
nobody knws tht she will cry on the toilet ?
she will hide all her sadness infront her frenz n family ..
lastly ,, she decided to keep be attached to him until when when .. haha !
p/s:  the reciter of shadow play is ………………………. Muka buku